Day 1 Agenda

Process Orchestration Insights

Discover the latest trends in process orchestration during 12 insightful sessions. Hear from Camunda CEO Jakob Freund and gain technical insights from sessions with Walmart, National Bank of Canada, and more. You’ll also get the chance to hear about a next-generation order-fullfilment system being built by First American Mortgage Solutions using Camunda. Be sure to stick around for the fireside chat and networking event at the end of the day.

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In-person: Doors Open
Attendees are welcome to check in, enjoy lunch, explore the venue, and connect with process orchestration experts from around the world.


Online Exclusive: CamundaCon Pre-Show
Behind the scenes with Mary Thengvall

Amy Johnston, Camunda

Opening Keynote
Jakob Freund, Camunda

Transforming Business

Camunda in Action

Orchestrating the Future

Camunda Insights


From <<Intrapreneurs>> to <<Entrepreneurs>> in 6 months with user-centric innovation Powered by Camunda

Markus Feller & Robert Blust, SV Group AG

SV Group initially developed lM, its white-label SaaS solution, to offer best-in-class digital guest experience and to run its own award winning hotel brand efficiently. Now, SV Group has not only successfully launched a new hotel brand during the worst crisis but at the same time created a completely new SaaS business model. This presentation will highlight how lM focuses on simplicity, seamlessness and data-driven processes, all powered by Camunda Platform 8.

How Decathlon Renovated Its Seven-Year-Old Order Manager in One Year with Camunda

Anthony Callaert, Decathlon

The evolution of the means of sales for Decathlon pushed the organization to drastically modify its monolithic computer system. Limited by the scalability of its current solution, this presentation will to show how Camunda helped us to take a giant step towards the SAGA of microservices. This presentation will speak on the design, implementation and other elements of Camunda that allowed Decathlon to implement a new micro-services oriented order manager in only one year.

Leverage Clean Architecture for Easy C8 Migration 

Luc Weinbrecht, Novatec Consulting GmbH

Migrating from Camunda Platform 7 to 8 is simply going to be easier if you follow clean architecture principles, and this presentation will explain exactly why with examples and best practices. But even if you haven’t followed the clean architecture approach, there are still important takeaways, because the underlying principles can be applied to any Camunda migration project.

Camunda Platform 8 Live Demonstration

Thomas Heinrichs, Camunda  Victor Franca, WKS Power

Discover how Camunda Platform 8 enables teams to build software applications more collaboratively and efficiently with a standards-based, developer-friendly approach. In this live demonstration, we’ll show you how Camunda allows you to build scalable, resilient automation of complex business processes that span across people, systems, and devices. Join us live to learn more about the platform and participate in an interactive Q&A discussion with our Camunda experts.




Using a Platform Architecture with Camunda to Solve Omni-channel Digital Experiences in Retail

Navdeep Singh, Walmart

Managing customer experiences and interactions with retail products and services requires Walmart to coordinate between front end channels and distributed microservices. Without a central process coordinator, business logic ends up being spread in front-end services as well as back-ends, resulting in high complexity and rigid systems. This session will explore how Walmart is expanding its use of Camunda via a platform architecture to address core strategic business objectives.

Our Journey from Another BPM Solution to Camunda & Why we chose Camunda

David Falcone, PershingX

PershingX was not satisfied with its monolithic BPM platform, including aspects of performance, support visibility, production support to the deployment process. PershingX were given the opportunity to POC several BPM offerings but landed on Camunda unanimously. This presentation will show the criteria that lead to the decision to use Camunda, and all of the benefits gained not only from a code perspective, but also from operability and scalability, including the flexibility of DB choices.

DMN Rule Completeness in Camunda

Adam Liberadzki & Michał Stefaniuk, Devapo

Decision tables are loved by the business users for the clarity they offer that assists in decision-making process. But Devapo has discovered some trouble when expressing decision models with DRM/DMN, which is why they proposed a framework (tools and practices) which helps them work better with the decision engine. This presentation offers a closer look at Devapo’s approach and information on how to get rid of some of the problems by educating decision makers.

Simplify Your Processes with Advanced Workflow Patterns (Live Demo)

Annie Talvasto, Camunda

Do you feel like your processes are unmanageable and your diagrams convoluted? Are you changing your processes so they fit within the constraints of your model? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then this is the session for you. The presentation will cover common business use cases that often result in roadblocks to successfully modeling business processes and how advanced workflow patterns found in Camunda Platform handles them with ease. Come and learn from real life examples!




Panel: Scaling Process Automation with Centers of Excellence

James Holt, NatWest Group, Deepak Tiwari, EY, Felix Carrier NBC, Mary Thengvall, Leon Strauch & Patricia Kaniki, Camunda

Centers of Excellence (CoE) have the crucial role of enabling process automation at enterprise scale. The panel explores the business case for CoEs and how organizations can implement them successfully to achieve their digital transformation goals. Join us to hear real life CoE success stories from NatWest Group, National Bank of Canada, EY as well as our Camunda experts.

A La Carte Workflows Puts the Power in the Customers Hands

Kenny Dang & Howard Chang, First American

First American Mortgage Solutions is currently building its next-generation order-fulfillment system, an event-based microservices solution orchestrated by Camunda Platform. In this session, First American Mortgage Solutions will demonstrate how they leveraged a configurable workflow strategy to support the requirement for unique customer and product processing options.

10 Things You Can Do with Camunda 8 Without a Line of Code

Adam Urban, Camunda

I’m a fullstack developer – I love writing code to solve problems. I’m also a serverless fan and use SaaS products everywhere I don’t need production depth. What’s the link to Camunda Platform 8? Simple: with Connectors, you don’t need a line of code to interact with HTTP APIs. If you simply want to interact with an existing service, you don’t need a separate application. In this session, I’ll show you how it works with ten examples: I’ll integrate with Trello, Github, Hubspot, and more.

Hello, I’m Optimize, Have We Met?

Giuliano Rodrigues Lima & Tobias Conz, Camunda

If you haven’t met Optimize yet you probably aren’t getting the insights you should from your processes. If you’re already using Optimize to improve your processes this presentation will still have some new features that might surprise you. We invite you to participate in a journey through the features of this tool, showcased along the lines of a funny real life story. You’ll be treated to an opportunity to discover what Optimize can do for you.




State of Process Orchestration Panel
Sandy Kemsley, Kemsley Design Ltd., Regina DeGennaro, PershingX, Smriti Gupta, Infosys, Annie Talvasto & Betsy Burt, Camunda


Guest Keynote: Hacking Productivity
Kim Maida, Cloudinary

Whether we’re interns, software engineers, architects, directors, or VPs, we all want our work to be efficient, effective, and highly productive. This session is three lightning talks in a trenchcoat — and at the end, you’ll be a fully realized productivity detective. First, learn how to identify technical and organizational challenges, then dig into the technical and tactical side of problem-solving, and finally, see how to build something and integrate it into an organization!


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The Process Orchestration Conference

#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets      
#CamundaCon October 5-6, 2022.       Don’t miss early bird tickets