Agenda Day 1 – October 8, 2020

7am – 12:45pm ET/ 1pm – 6:45pm CET
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Automate Any Process Anywhere

Imagine your people could effectively work together so that they can build the processes that accelerate the business and improve customers experiences – all at the right time and with the flexibility to change as soon the business needs change. Imagine the processes…

Architecture Automation Platform Orchestration

Bots and process improvements at the same time – is that possible?

As part of Deutsche Telekom’s digital transformation, the company is using Camunda to automate customer service processes. Take a ‘sneak peek’ inside one of the largest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations in Europe to hear how Deutsche Telekom scaled to 3,000 bots, saving millions…

RPA Automation Platform Microservices

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Business Architecture Track
Community Tech Track
Camunda Platform Demo Track
Workflow Automation for SMBs Using Camunda

The QuickBooks Advanced automation team had a big challenge to solve…’How to build a workflow automation platform for our mid market customers?’ Not only would this be the automation platform for mid market customers, it would…

Architecture BPMN CI/CD

Orchestrating Microservices from Modeling to Production

Presentation of an architectural model for working with microservices. Scenario focused on external tasks, I will show from the Model to the solution architecture with queues and the construction of the deployment pipeline…

Architecture Microservices BPMN

Introduction to the Camunda Platform

Take a quick break from the presentations and attend a 25 minute introduction to the Camunda Platform.

Getting the Business to Think Process Automation

Fidelity encompasses over 30 individual business units and as we look to convert from a workflow application to digital process automation we’re faced with a tremendous challenge. The broad group of “business” folks who actually manage and own our processes need to be brought along as part of our conversion journey…

BPMN Automation Platform Business

How Advances in the JVM Can Speed Up Camunda

Suddenly, the Java world is full with promises of new, lightweight runtimes, reducing memory footprint and startup time. Some even promise running Java programs natively – without the JVMs overhead…

Java BPMN Runtime

The New Abacus…Ledger Automation with Camunda Revisited
Tenant Onboarding and Template-Driven Multi-Tenant Workflow Processing for AD Sales Automation

Operative Research & Development team faced a challenges like how to integrate an existing federated user management service with the Camunda Platform. Ensuring fault tolerance & HA, custom tasklist to achieve performance, caching and externalizing the task configurations…

DMN BPMN Architecture

RPA Orchestration, Operations and Analytics with Camunda

Learn how the Camunda Platform can help orchestrate, choreograph, analyze and monitor your RPA bots TODAY and provide an architectural path that replaces bots with API/microservices for the FUTURE.

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Guest Keynote: The Future of Process Automation

With a corporate mandate to be more efficient and automate manual tasks, enterprise architecture and technology leaders lack a defined strategy to scale automation with tactical and strategic goals. The push for quick results has driven teams to focus on the tactical needs of routine process automation with RPA. Unfortunately, processes are not always simple…

Market Insight Architecture Automation Platform

Business Architecture Track
Community Tech Track
Camunda Platform Demo Track
Speeding Up Robotic Process Automation through Behavioral Observation

In the last decade, a large number of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects have been conducted. In essense, these involve the use of software to mimic the behaviour of human employees. Typically, most commercial RPA platforms (e.g., BluePrism or UiPatch) rely on a manual analysis…

RPA Automation Platform Architecture

Camunda Hackdays: Wild and Wonderful Creations from the Camunda Devs

Every year the wonderfully creative developers at Camunda are set free to create something new, wonderful and weird project. We’ve chosen four of the more than thirty projects created to showcase at this year’s CamundaCon.

Hack Social Community

Process Analytics using Camunda Cockpit and Optimize

See how the Camunda Platform makes monitoring, troubleshooting and analyzing processes much easier…no matter the system creating the process events.

The Business Imperative for Becoming a Frictionless Enterprise

Becoming a frictionless enterprise is often perceived by the whole company as a Holy Grail; highly desirable but unattainable!

Actually there are ways to go towards it by following some key fundamentals; applying automation targeting touchless processes; using efficiently analytics and AI over the huge volume of data each company…

Market Insight Automation Platform

Sebastian Stamm Shares Sensational New Plugins

If you have seen any of my past CamundaCon presentations, you know that I love plugins! With the upcoming release of Camunda BPM 7.14, we fundamentally change the way how Cockpit plugins work. Please join me in this session where…

Mystery BPMN