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Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

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We’re looking forward to a program full of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. Unconference works best when every participant plays an active role during the sessions, offers their thoughts and experiences, shares ideas and asks questions. So please get involved!

To enter any session, just click on the “join now” button on the agenda at the specified time. Please join the welcome session at 3pm CEST/9am ET to learn more about the sessions.

Make sure to sign-up for CamundaCon LIVE Slack workspace and join the #unconference channel to introduce yourself, chat with other attendees and receive help if you encounter any issues.


Welcome Session

Mary Thengvall, Niall Deehan

Transition Time

Session 1:

Architectures Pros and Cons

Session 2:

Camunda in Production: What to know

Session Leaders:
Max Kamenicky, Gerardo Manzano

Session 3:

Best Practices when using BPMN with DMN

Session Leaders:
Jan Galinski, Jo Ehm

Session 4:

Camunda and the UI: Frontend Integration for Process Automation

Session Leader:
Volker Gersabeck


Session 5:

Performance and Scale with Camunda

Session Leader:
Robert Breske

Session 6:

BPMN 2.0 Patterns and Best Practices

Session Leader:
Nele Uhlemann

Session 7:

Future Architectures with Camunda

Session Leader:
Tobias Schäfer

Session 8:

Testing and Maintaining large BPMN Models

Transition Time

Session 9:

Microservice & Frontend Integration

Session Leader:
Simon Zambrovski

Session 10:

Data in Processes

Session Leader:
Rajesh Rajagopalan

Session 11:

Camunda Anti-Patterns and what to avoid

Session Leader:
Niall Deehan

Session 12:

Choosing External vs. Delegate vs. Connector

Session Leader:
Stefan Oberrieder

Transition Time

Closing Session

Mary Thengvall, Niall Deehan