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Agenda Day 1 - Wednesday, September 22, 2021

All of the sessions are now available on-demand, so you can catch any sessions you may have missed (or rewatch your favorites!).

Business Strategies, Technical Demonstrations

Hear the latest on the State of Process Automation from Camunda CEO Jakob Freund. More than a dozen sessions follow including presentations from Goldman Sachs, Intuit, and BuyBay. Stick around for our end-of-day networking event.


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Keynote: Digital Transformation – Evolution or Revolution?

Jakob Freund, CEO, Camunda

Business Track

Technical Track

Camunda in Action


Scaling Workflow Automation for Peak Tax Season

Nivedita Nayak and Raghav Agarwal, Intuit

A business process automation platform built on Camunda provides customer and internal workflows as a service across Intuit’s ecosystem. The platform started with one workflow; a year later, it supports 20+ different business workflows, including the process for assisted tax filing in Intuit’s premium product, TurboTax Live. We’ll talk about our journey, which started with supporting 20,000 workflow executions per day, up to a peak of around 1 million executions per day. We’ll talk about the challenges, lessons learned, and how we support the most critical period of the year without any downtime (100% availability), at scale (400+ TPS), with high performance (TP99 < 300ms).

Evolving with Camunda: Architecture, UI, and Orchestration

Yuvraj Keenoo, Mauritius Commercial Bank

After migrating from a legacy system to Camunda Platform, we started to evolve our enterprise architecture using Camunda. We’ll look at different challenges during adoption and implementation of Camunda Platform and the numerous benefits in the long run. We will also talk about the benefits of using Angular for our custom user interface, how we built a process that can migrate data from one system to another, and how we optimize resources in a microservice architecture.

RPA with Camunda in Real Life Projects

Stephan Heigl and Alexander Dziendzol-Dickopf, WDW eLab GmbH

Our talk shows the successful combination of RPA technologies and the Camunda platform in two customer projects. The scopes and approaches were quite different – from using Camunda for modernization of the processes of the sales department using RPA to communicate with a 3270 CICS host application at the DVAG to the orchestration of different RPA clients in the OREO project at Deutsche Telekom issues.




Putting the Business in BPM

Simon Hickling, Covea Insurance Services Ltd

Engagement between IT and the business is critical for business process management. We’ll show how we bring business stakeholders “on the journey” and involve them in process definition using the building blocks provided in Camunda.

E-Commerce Returns: Human Processes and Automated Decisions

Rutger van Bergen, BuyBay

The world of e-commerce returns management is challenging, especially when it comes to assessing the state and destination of returned products. We will explain how Camunda guides manual processing by humans, while also automating key decision-making processes. We’ll show how can apply our experience to operations outside of our warehouses, and share next steps for our projects.

Camunda Platform Demo

Michael Ferber, Camunda

Are you considering using Camunda Platform, or do you need some help getting started? Join this session for a live demonstration that will show you how to:
– Design and model process flows using Cawemo and Modeler
– Deploy processes to the BPMN Workflow Engine
– Implement business rules in the DMN Decision Engine
– Use Optimize to analyze and improve processes and rules
– …and more. Be sure to bring your questions!

Tradition Meets the Digital Economy

Alexander Sopicki, Münchener Hypothekenbank eG

Stephan Pelikan, Technical Consultant, WDW eLab GmbH

Münchener Hypothekenbank eG partners with the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken for all aspects of financing residential and commercial real estate. Due to project requirements, we needed a Java-based process engine that would enable fast and easy process implementations. At the end of 2018, we decided to use Camunda within the bank, and we’d like to share our success story as we moved from a monolithic system landscape to a flexible, future-proof microservice-oriented architecture.

Network Orchestration and Configuration Management through Camunda

Ajit Dani, BT Media and Broadcast

Real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual media functions enables rapid automation of new services and lifecycle management critical for next-generation media networks. Camunda’s Workflow Engine provides great design-time and runtime functions that enable collaboration between the enterprise, network designers, and developers. We’ll talk about how the reusability of tasks allows rapid development of features across multiple microservices. We’ll also explore how Camunda’s Workflow Engine enables self-service for network engineers with zero code changes to deploy and manage configurations on devices.

Reducing Online Fashion Purchase Returns with Ai and Camunda

Ian Johnston, Finn Torbet, Yeonu Yi, Ai4Process Ltd

Online fashion retailers often have to deal with product returns because customers buy clothing that doesn’t fit them. We’ll show how a new app, Ai4Fashion, combines the best features of social media with the ability to buy fashion items, all while reducing the risk of returns. Ai4Fashion allows retailers to upload product catalogs (including sizes), uses AI to show customers how products will fit them, allows customers to leave reviews, and enables customers to follow other uses with a similar shape and size, building a trust ecosystem among buyers. We’ll demo how Ai4Fashion and Camunda come together to provide a powerful platform for retailers such as Next, ASOS, and more.




Enabling Core Banking Use Cases with Camunda Cloud

Javier Sabino, Goldman Sachs

We will cover how we onboarded and extended Camunda Cloud to be the core component of our new Enterprise Process Automation Platform, which enables critical banking use cases. We’ll cover the challenges of building our brand new Payments Processing Platform, an event-based microservices solution orchestrated by our Camunda Cloud Corporate Platform.

Controlling a Smart Factory with Processes in Camunda

Ronny Seiger, University of St. Gallen

We have a layered software architecture that enables us to control the production line of a smart factory using processes modeled and executed in Camunda. We’ll describe the architecture’s layers and components, which include web services for controlling the factory and an event stream processor for monitoring the states of machines, sensors, and processes. This session will feature a live demo showing the factory in action.

Video Intelligence Workflows using OpenCV, Machine Learning, and Camunda

Adam Coard, AOT Technologies

Learn how to leverage Computer Vision, machine learning, and Camunda to detect and act on objects or activities of interest from live video streams. Based on the priority of the event detected, the associated escalation workflow process either sends a real-time SMS message or creates a human task for manual review of the video clip containing the event. This solution is a great fit for use cases such as hard hat detection on construction sites, to warn construction workers and visitors who are not wearing a hard hat in zones that require it. We’ll give an overview of the technical architecture, describe typical use cases, and show a live demo.


Closing Keynote: Where’s My Flying Car?!

Angie Jones, Java Champion & Principal Developer Advocate

We are living in the space age – portrayed by the animated 60s sitcom, The Jetsons, as the era where just about everything was automated. The futuristic television show predicted some of the inventions we see today like robots, holograms, 3D printed objects, smart devices, and drones. However, we are quite a ways off from the complete promises of the automated eutopia. And as we embark on our digital transformations to get us there, we’re failing miserably. In this talk, we’ll explore key strategies to set us up for success!

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