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Agenda Day 2 - Thursday, September 23, 2021

All of the sessions are now available on-demand, so you can catch any sessions you may have missed (or rewatch your favorites!).

Automate Any Process, Anywhere

Day 2 opens with product and technology keynotes from Camunda’s Bernd Ruecker and Daniel Meyer. A jam-packed agenda featuring Atlassian, Swiss Re, and T-Systems follows.


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Keynote: From Human Workflow to High-Throughput Process Automation

Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder & Chief Technologist, Camunda
Daniel Meyer, CTO, Camunda

Business Track

Technical Track

Camunda in Action


Microservice Orchestration Odyssey: A Transformative Journey Toward a Modern and Cloud-Native Orchestration Solution

Benny Nedumkariyil, Swiss Re

We will walk through our microservice orchestration journey with Camunda Cloud: from starting the journey toward a modern orchestration platform, evaluating the options, transforming the team, and facing challenges along the way. We’ll also share the current state of our microservice orchestration platform and the next steps in our odyssey.

Scaling Process Automation with a Modular Open Source Platform

Dominik Horn, FlowSquad GmbH and Claus Straube,
City of Munich

The city of Munich uses Camunda as part of its automation strategy to digitalize processes end-to-end. A major challenge is integrating the historically grown system landscape and making it as easy as possible to use for different processes. Learn how Camunda is integrated into the architecture of the city of Munich and what role a development platform plays in scaling automation across functions in the municipality.

First Aid Kit: Features that Saved Our Lives in Production

Thibaut Girier, onepoint

As we implement Camunda Platform for our clients, including one running in production for over a year, we have identified core features of the Enterprise Edition that have saved our lives: batch actions to recover from incidents, using Cockpit’s history service to troubleshoot bad data in third-party systems, incident alerting through Optimize, and more. We want to share our feedback with companies that are still deciding whether to move to production with the Community Edition or adopt the Enterprise Edition.




Shaping the Organization – Learnings of 2.5 Years of Process Automation with Camunda and Optimize

Peter Markom, T-Systems Austria GesmbH

T-Systems Austria uses its “Service Automation Platform” (powered by Camunda Enterprise Edition and Camunda Optimize) for 2.5 years now, automating multi-customer E2E delivery processes. We’re happy to share how our approach to automation evolved over time and its impact in shaping the whole organization.

Racing Camunda Engine – Managing Human Workflows

Tobias Conz and Niall Deehan, Camunda

Every engine needs humans to take care of it. Racing teams that maintain race cars have to monitor the car’s engine for problems, control the engine so it performs optimally, and upgrade it for better performance. The same is true of your process automation engine team. At Camunda, we want to ensure that people are only involved in process automation when they’re truly required, instead of doing busywork to maintain their engine. In this session, we’ll look at how you can optimize human workflows, including a live demo.

Camunda Cloud Demo

Sebastian Menski and Felix Mueller, Camunda

You might have read about Camunda Cloud or watched a webinar introducing Camunda Cloud. Are you curious to actually see how it works? Join Product Manager Felix Muller and Head of Engineering Sebastian Menski as they walk you through a live demonstration of Camunda Cloud and all of it capabilities. The demo will cover features such as:
– Modeling and deploying processes
– Spinning up new clusters of Zeebe, Operate and Optimize
– Monitoring your processes using Operate
– Smart low-code functionality with Camunda Forms
– Improving your processes using Operate and much much more…come prepared with any and all your questions.

Processes, Cases, Projects, and Plans: Avoiding Common Automation Pitfalls

Victor Franca, WKS Power

A common pitfall for business process automation projects is mixing four different concepts: processes, cases, projects, and plans. These concepts must be clarified to allow process automation tools to reach their full potential. In this session, we’ll take a step back, look at some scenarios, and see exactly where processes and task lists fit.

Camunda Platform Features You Need to Know

Amy JohnstonJoe Pappas and Tobias Conz, Camunda

Camunda Platform users have access to a host of new features from recent releases. If you’re a new Camunda Platform user, or you missed out on what we’ve added in the last 12 months, this is your chance to catch all the highlights, complete with live demos from the Camunda product team.

Intelligent Process Automation with Camunda and Amazon Comprehend

Dr. Marigianna Skouradaki, Novatec Consulting GmbH

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a promising, emerging evolution of BPM that increases the automation of business processes with the usage of AI. We’ll show how even a simple process can profit from IPA. We use the Camunda External Task Client for Python and orchestrate an Intelligent Document Analysis service with Amazon Comprehend to leverage the automation of our internal cost-submission process.




Finance Back-office Billing Engine Using Camunda

Daivish Shah, Atlassian

Atlassian is building a subscription-based billing solution, leveraging Camunda for ERP transaction record purposes. Once an order is placed, transactions are recorded in our internal commerce platform, and invoices are generated by Stripe billing. We’re using Camunda to subscribe to those events and process transactions by building a complex workflow including the customer, contact, invoice, payment, credit memo, and refund transactions in NetSuite. We’re also building different selection logic in the Camunda workflow.

JSON Handling in Camunda

Franz Flückiger, FROX AG

Our newly developed JSON handling tool brings together the strengths of the Groovy language with the ease of data manipulation in Javascript. Forget about exceptions that halt your processes, forget about infinite if/else sequences, and focus on your process instead.

Managing Business Rules Using the Camunda Decision Engine

Soumyadeep Ghosh and Suvodeep Das, Ernst & Young

We will demo our business rule management solution, which provides a simplified interface to create and manage business rules, built on the Camunda Decision Engine. Key features include a connector service to integrate the master data source, an approval workflow for business rules, rule versions with validity periods, business rule condition validation, business rule outcome simulation, change history, and configuration import/export.


Closing Keynote: The Trouble with Automation

Hannah Fry, Mathematician & Best-Selling Author

Human decision making is influenced by competing incentives, bad memories, and impulsive biases. The modern era of data analytics is, in some sense, an attempt to automate our decision making by ironing out some of the biases built into our choices. But decisions driven by data have blind spots too. And all this leads us to a conundrum: humans are flawed, machines are flawed. So who do we want to leave in charge of our decision making?

Fireside Chat

Bernd Ruecker, Jakob Freund, Mary Thengvall, Camunda and Hannah Fry, Mathematician & Best-Selling Author


Live Music

Noah Slee

Don’t miss this live, post-conference concert featuring singer/songwriter Noah Slee and a performance that mixes alternative R&B, soul, and indie-electronic music.

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