Why Should You Join CamundaCon 2023?


Learn from other process orchestration experts and level up your Camunda knowledge.


Make connections and build relationships with experts from around the globe. Join the conversation and connect with our presenters.


Expand your vision for automation and come away with ideas for driving process orchestration in your organization.

Who should attend?

[besides anyone who’s anyone]

Developers, architects, IT professionals, and anyone interested in learning about modern, scalable process orchestration. See how process orchestration experts are using Camunda to level up their automation efforts and help their teams achieve more. 

As an attendee you’ll have the chance to interact directly with your peers and industry experts. Share real–world experiences and strategies, gain new tricks and tips, and enjoy a few surprises along the way.

What Attendees Have to Say About CamundaCon

“For us, it’s mostly learnings when we get to listen to other Camunda customers – it’s interesting to see what other, more mature companies are doing.”

Felix Carrier, NBC

“The most important thing about being at CamundaCon is to share ideas and take inspiration from other people.”

James Holt, NatWest

“It’s a nice conference where you can really see how businesses and developers are collaborating to find a solution for their problems.”

Timo Salm, VMWare

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