Agenda Day 2 – October 9, 2020

7am – 1:30pm ET/ 1pm – 7:30pm CET
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Keynote: The Return of Process Automation!

This keynote will foster your understanding of how (business) processes can generally be implemented and monitored. I will compare different approaches, from batches over streaming, to workflow engines. You will understand the impact on agility and…

Microservices Orchestration Architecture

Keynote: These Are Not the Bots You Are Looking for…RPA Modernization with Camunda

The new Camunda Platform release is coming up and it is packed with new features. We are adding capabilities to provide a lifecycle approach to orchestrate, analyze and monitor your RPA bots TODAY and provide an architectural path that replaces RPA bots with APIs in the FUTURE…

RPA Orchestration Automation Platform

Business Architecture Track
Community Tech Track
Camunda Platform Demo Track
Integration Patterns With Camunda

Camunda is a flexible and modern BPM platform compared to other traditional BPM platforms, making it possible to leverage BPM in many powerful integration patterns. In this presentation, I would like to present different possible integration patterns…

Machine Learning BPMN DMN

DMN on Steroids 2.0 – to Decision Tables and Beyond

You are using DMN to model and execute your business rules? You were happy and pleased at the beginning, but as the project and the rule sets grow, you want to reuse decision tables and orchestrate more complex decision graphs? We look at issues you might encounter…


Introduction to Camunda Platform

Take a quick break from the presentations and attend a 25 minute introduction to the Camunda Platform.

[email protected] – Scaling Process Automation at Provinzial NordWest

Provinzial introduced Camunda in 2014. Today more than 100 processes and 200 decisions have been automated. Most of these processes are used for cross-application workflows focussing on service orchestration, but the embedded Camunda approach is growing…

BPMN  Automation Platform Architecture

Smarter Workflows with Natural Language Processing

Learn how to leverage Natural Language Processing in your Camunda BPMN Workflows to make them smarter. Demonstration involves – an open source framework that…

Natural Language Orchestration Open Source

Process Analytics using Camunda Cockpit and Optimize

See how the Camunda Platform makes monitoring, troubleshooting and analyzing processes much easier…no matter the system creating the process events.

Camunda Roadmap and other Camunda Platform Investments

Camunda has big plans to drive automate any process…anywhere. Hear what the Camunda team has planned for the future.

Automation Platform Orchestration BPMN

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Business Architecture Track
Community Tech Track
Camunda Platform Demo Track
Business Rules at a Glance

Readable, configurable business rules are mission critical in a highly automatable business.To enable business specialists to participate in software development, LV 1871 developed a DMN modeler tool based on Camunda’s DMN modeler to provide functionality…

DMN BPMN Modeling

Chaos Engineering Meets Zeebe

We introduce chaos engineering in 2019 to improve the confidence in our cloud workflow engine, named Zeebe, and find issues before users do. In this year we went a step further and introduce game days…

Chaos Community Awesome

RPA Orchestration, Operations and Analytics with Camunda

Learn how the Camunda Platform can help orchestrate, choreograph, analyze and monitor your RPA bots TODAY and provide an architectural path that replaces bots with API/microservices for the FUTURE.

Insurance Process Chain Monitoring and Improvement with Camunda Optimize

Effective business requires reliable data-driven insights concerning its processes. Today’s business process management is more than modern services orchestration, business applications, and infrastructure components; effective business processes rely on…

Analytics BPMN Architecture

Testing Cheesecake – Integrate Your Test Reports Easily with FlowCov

Test coverage is an essential indicator of the quality of your processes. But how do you make the reports available to your team? How can your process owners be sure that each case has been tested? FlowCov is a platform that ensures traceability for all stakeholders…

BPMN Testing CI/CD

Keynote: The Ethical Algorithm: The Science of Socially Aware Algorithm Design

Many recent mainstream media articles and popular books have raised alarms over anti-social algorithmic behavior, especially regarding machine learning and artificial intelligence. The concerns include leaks of sensitive personal data by predictive models, algorithmic discrimination as a side-effect of…

Algorithm DMN Social

Wrap-up + Live Music “Guacáyo – Spread love & stay wild!”

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