Call for Presentations

New York City + Online | Oct 15-17, 2024

The Call for Presentation closed on June 11th 2024 at 6PM ET. Thank you for all the numerous submissions!

The Agenda Committee will meet to take the decision for this Events Agenda soon. Applicants can expect to hear back from [email protected] until end of June. 

The Process Orchestration Event of the Year

What is it all about?

Scaling Automation

Discover how to launch and expand successful automation efforts across your organization.


Check out the latest new technology and functionality from the Camunda team.

Camunda in Action

Learn about real life examples of Process Orchestration. Real use cases. Real impact.

CamundaCon Agenda Committee

At Camunda events, we do our best to highlight a variety of process automation stories from open source contributors to enterprise customers, partners, and process automation industry experts. But selecting the best possible talks for these events takes a lot of effort! In order to help this process, we bring together a diverse “Agenda Committee” for each event, with representatives from Marketing, Sales, Developer Relations, and Product. Each of the committee members brings their unique perspective about our community’s needs and desires, and together we work to create the best possible agenda.

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy: he/him

VP Product Marketing, Camunda


Brandon Wright: he/him

Director Sales, Camunda


Christiana Christenson: she/her

VP Global Partners, Camunda

Sathya Sethuraman

Sathya Sethuraman: he/him

Field CTO, Camunda


Ryan Yorkery: he/him

Senior Manager Customer Success, Camunda

Nathan Loding

Nathan Loding: he/him

Developer Advocate, Camunda


Gustavo Mendoza: he/him

Senior Sales Engineer, Camunda

Lisa Ritter

Lisa Ritter: she/her

Senior Event Manager, Camunda

FAQ: call for presentations

Topics relevant to process orchestration with Camunda such as success stories, implementation or migration journeys, product use cases, industry use cases, how-to’s,  technical tips, & best practices.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with your CFP, make use of the office hours of our DevRel team by setting up a meeting, or contact them via [email protected].

Obvious advertising and sales pitches don’t stand a chance in our Call for Presentations.

You are responsible for your session. For improving your session content and performance on stage (onsite or remote), Camunda Offers you free Speaker Trainings with our international coaches. You’re invited to make use of this free offer any time during the time before the conferences. If you’re seeking help with urgent issues, the agenda committee, your Camunda Account Manager, and the CamundaCon Moderators are happy to offer advice.

The CamundaCon 2024 agenda committee curates the content from the proposals submitted via Call for Presentations (CFP), but also specifically invites speakers and advises partners.

No. The Call for Presentations ends on June 12th, 2024 6PM ET.

Thank you for your interest in being represented at our exhibition. Please send a message to [email protected] to submit your interest.

Yes. Camunda reimburses the speakers (and co-presenters) travel costs to the conference within the timeframe of Oct 14-17. The Events Team will offer hotel organization for you as well. If you are traveling by plane, please note that Camunda covers Economy airfare + 1 piece of luggage only. Please note that if you decide to extend your stay, you are responsible to cover your hotel expenses yourself. Receipts to get reimbursed must be handed in by November 15, 2024.

Yes, this is possible while submitting your session or later in the process. The program team strongly recommends no more than 1 co-presenter for organizational and presentation dynamic purposes.