May 16: Conference Day 2

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Executive Meetings

Business business business! Meet with Camunda Leaders like CEO Jakob Freund, CTO Daniel Meyer or Co-founder & Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker in 1:1 Conversations during the Conference. Reach out to your Camunda Contact today and get your meeting scheduled at CamundaCon May 15-16. See all available Camunda Leaders here.


Picture a room filled with wonderful individuals collaborating in teams to craft exciting and engaging projects using Camunda. You don’t have to imagine it because it’s a reality, and it’s taking place at CamundaCon 2024! There will be two distinct ‘challenges’, one tailored for tech-savvy individuals and another designed for the visionary BPMN business enthusiasts. Come along and pick your poison. Please sign up during Registration for this limited access event.


Lunch & Networking


Breakout Sessions across 3 tracks

CamundaCon unites IT, Business, and Leadership in an immersive and collaborative conference environment. We bring together diverse perspectives and professional backgrounds to enhance your strategic alignment, foster collaboration, and help you achieve more. The conference sessions serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and valuable insights into orchestration journeys, industry trends, and best practices from Camunda Experts. Join us to learn from these experts and your peers, discover how to boost efficiency, effectively communicate the value of your IT initiatives to the Business, and unlock new possibilities with Camunda.